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CM-F500B (Dough Moulder Machine)
 Hecho en
Taiwán, República de China
Solicitud de presupuesto

    Dough Moulding is rolled by the gauging cylinders to ensure uniform weight, as if it were done by hand.


    • Capacity:3000 pcs/hr
    • Moulding Board Gap:10~43 mm
    • Moulding Range:30~2500 g/pc
    • Power:3 PH, 50/60 Hz

     Características Claves

    CM-F500B Dough Moulder Machine made entirely of stainless steel is suitable for sheeting and rolling up pieces of dough weighing from 30~2500g, especially for French bread. The dough is rolled up by two wool sleeves.

    More info link: CM-F500B Dough Moulder Machine

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    • Términos de pago:TT


    • CM-F500B Series Formadora de pán

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